Kyle Alexander

 Indeed Redesign



While using the Indeed website to search for jobs, I found several aspects of the site that are either confusing or not conducive to an efficient job search. This redesign will help users be more effective in their job search. The new features will also make the job search process more transparent as they allow users to see their application progress. Overall, it will help make a daunting experience less stressful.


Design the Indeed site to reduce frustration and make a more efficient pleasant job search for the user.


Adding features that make the job search process more transparent by providing status feedback for users, and eliminating information that is unnecessary to the search.

Wireframing / layout

When making my wireframe I kept the layout very close to the areas of the Indeed site I found successful, and I only changed the layout where it was necessary to make it a better experience for the user. For example, I used the entire page to display the job search and descriptions.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.13.51 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.14.18 AM.png

User Interface

The user interface on the actual Indeed site suffers from a lack of consistency.  When designing my version, I created consistency by making the navigation bar, fonts and font sizes, and the colors uniform across all the pages. I used the UI patterns from the new Indeed Prime site because it seemed the most consistent. Additionally, I designed my own icons for the index page and the dashboard to keep in line with the latest styles on Indeed products. I kept all links and buttons blue so the users know it is clickable.


Index page

Icons and text were added to the first page users see before creating an account or signing in, to clearly describe what the user can accomplish on the site if they create an account.


The Dashboard

The new Indeed design contains a personalized dashboard that makes it easy to manage your job searches and track progress.  Enhancements have been added to the application status to provide more details on what employers are viewing.


Streamlining Information

One of the items that stood out on the original Indeed site was the amount of information on each page, most of which was unnecessary. For example, the salary page lists salaries for all positions at the company, even though the job seeker is usually only interested in the salary for the position they are applying for. In my redesign, I streamlined all the pages, especially the company snapshot page and the job search page to provide only the information the user will need, giving the page a personalized feel.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.05.40 AM.png

Quick Information Drop Down

A few features were added to the Indeed site in my redesign.  A drop down on the job description that gives quick important facts about the job, was added to increase job searching efficiency.  It allows users to quickly see if they qualify for the job without having to read the entire job posting. I also broke the job post into three sections with subtitles and a dividing color making it more organized and easier to read.


Application Status

One of the features I found the most useful and reassuring on the Indeed site is when it tells you if an employer has viewed your application. I took this idea even further and designed a feature that shows the user which parts of their applications have been viewed. This will help reduce ambiguity and anxiety when searching for jobs, because it is more transparent in showing every aspect of the application review process. This may give a user a better idea of what part of their application needs more work, if their application or attachments are not all viewed consistently.


Clickable Prototype